What is bonk on the internet?

Bonk is a variant of an old security exploit known as teardrop, which was reported by the Computer Emergency Response Team on December 16 of last year. The teardrop exploit worked on many different systems, and vendors needed to release software patches to make their systems immune to attack. A condition of sudden and intense fatigue in an endurance sports event caused by glycogen depletion. Often, people associate the word bonk with hitting the wall during resistance events.

For endurance athletes, it's a sudden and overwhelming feeling of running out of energy. You were running or riding at what seemed like a manageable pace, and then, apparently, without warning, your legs turned to cement. With heavy legs, a feeling of fatigue all over the body, and sometimes dizziness, you are forced to stop. The PC part of its Japanese name means Pithecanthropus Computerurus, a fictitious species name for Bonk.

The road goes down a huge hill to Sandsend, where they talk about going “up” to Lythe Church. Known in Japan as PC-Genjin and as BC Kid in PAL territories, Bonk was the mascot of the NEC console, although only the first three Bonk games appeared. While human beings have been walking the planet, we have been getting into situations and fights where a head can be seriously hit. The feeling is said to be similar to taking a blow to the head (a blow to the head) and being eliminated from the competition.

One of the first instances of the term athletic bonk comes from a film produced by British Transport Films in the mid-1950s in which cyclists noticed that if they didn't rest and eat, they would hit each other. Sleep together, roll in the hay, love, kiss, make love, sleep with, have sex, know, do it, have sex, have sex, have sex, have it outside, take it off, screw it, jazz, eff, hump, sleep with, bed, try, bang, put it on, bonkverb. These example sentences are automatically selected from various online news sources to reflect the current use of the word “bonk”. The most obvious thing is that the tails of your skis churn behind you, hitting your friends' helmets and making skis deadly in crowded spaces like a gondola line.

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