What to do after bonking?

How to recover after having sex during a RideHydrate. While hydration may seem like an obvious course of action when you immediately get off the bike, it's also important for the hours after the ride. Your glycogen stores have been completely depleted. For moderate symptoms, you'll need to refuel your body by eating simple carbohydrates right away.

You'll also need to hydrate your body to restore fluid balance. Recovery from a stroke usually takes at least a few days, and sometimes longer. During this time, you may find yourself more exhausted, tired, and hungry than normal, and it's important to give your body the rest and nutrition it needs. Your immune system may also be compromised up to 3 days later, so take your recovery seriously; getting sick as a result of a stroke could interrupt your training for the next few weeks.

The literature suggests that, even with aggressive carbohydrate replenishment, it can take 24 hours to restore glycogen stores to optimal levels. And practical experience suggests up to 48 hours or a little longer in extreme cases, or when carbohydrate intake is not massive. Sometimes you feel voracious after a stroke; other times, you feel a little sick or have a lack of appetite. No matter how you feel, it's essential to eat as soon as possible to get your body back to normal.

Focus on eating and drinking, slowing down if you need to, and staying mentally engaged. Once your body can start processing new foods, you'll begin to recover and recover.

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