Is bonk meaning?

Verb hit or hit (someone or something). He hit his head on the low bulkhead of the plane to have sex with (someone). I don't think that screwing the boss is a wise race strategy (of a cyclist or runner) that reaches a point of exhaustion that prevents going further. I hit myself and couldn't pedal another substantive blow an act of hitting or hitting something that causes a reverberating sound.

Give it a blow with a hammer, an act or instance of having sex, a level of exhaustion that makes a cyclist or runner unable to go any further. We had the blow when we were in pain in the saddle. While human beings have been walking the planet, we have been getting into situations and fights where a head can be seriously hit. The most obvious thing is that the tails of your skis churn behind you, hitting your friends' helmets and making skis deadly in crowded spaces like a gondola line.

The road goes down a huge hill to Sandsend, where they talk about going “up” to Lythe Church. An example of a bonk is when a marathon runner reaches the 20-mile mark and cannot continue because he has exhausted all of his body's fuel. Simply highlight the game you want to buy (Ecco the Dolphin, Excite Bike and Bonk's Adventure are among the best) and select Buy. These example sentences are automatically selected from various online news sources to reflect the current use of the word “bonk”.

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